Anti-Aging Treatment in Hyderabad

Anti-Aging Treatment in Hyderabad

Aesthetic Visions is well versed with the latest anti-ageing treatments and techniques. Under the dynamic leadership of the founder & cosmetologist, Dr. Firdous Ibrahim, their anti-ageing treatments have been extremely successful.

Ageing is inevitable, but with modern cosmetic treatments, it is possible to retain a youthful look and glow. Moreover, these procedures are board-certified and performed at minimal risk conditions which ensure the highest safety of the patients.

Anti-ageing treatments are performed to enhance the look and the personality of the individual, especially the face and the upper body region, which is most visible.

Dr. Firdous Ibrahim offers to treat wrinkles, most effective acne scar treatment in hyderabad, laugh lines, fine lines, dark spots and other related ageing signs on the patient using minimally invasive procedures.

These procedures are safe to perform, and the patient can resume everyday life may be the very next day or within 2-3 days provided he or she follows the suggested guidelines and precautions very carefully.

Most of the anti-ageing treatments are directed towards activating the collagen, a natural body protein that helps in healing and encourages the tissues to regrow. Thus, these treatments promise good results and are safe to go ahead.


HIFU - High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) Facial

HIFU facial is a non-invasive procedure that ultrasound to encourage the body to repair the targeted skin tissues. The cosmetologist performs a HIFU facial if the patient wishes to –

  •   Smoothen the wrinkles on the face
  •   Give a lift to the drooping eyelids or eyebrows
  •   Tighten the skin on the neck
  •   Reduce the jowls
  •   Tighten and smoothen the skin in the chest area

Procedure –

  •   There is no pre-preparation procedures.
  •   The target area of the patient is appropriately cleaned, and the gel is applied.
  •   A hand-held high-frequency ultrasound device is used to create heat over the target area. This heat penetrates deeper within the skin.
  •   This heat damages the tissues in the target area and encourages the body to repair the tissues.
  •   The body produces collagen, which is known to give structure and elasticity to the tissues while assisting in their regrowth.

Each HIFU facial session lasts 30–90 minutes.

Pre and post-treatment –

Some doctors may apply local anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling pain or discomfort during the procedure. Other doctors also prescribe over the counter painkiller medications after the procedure for relieving the discomfort or pain.

Recovery period –

The patient can resume normal activities soon after the procedure.
The cosmetologist may suggest one or more sessions depending upon the ageing condition of the patient at scheduled intervals.

Thread lift

A thread lift is a minimal invasive procedure performed to anti-ageing conditions such as blemishes, age spots, uneven pigmentation and fine lines.

Procedure –

  • The patient is administered with local or general as per the preference of the cosmetologist.
  • The cosmetologist uses temporary sutures to lift the subtle skin and tighten it.
  • Through this procedure, the collagen in the body is activated for healing and regrowth of tissues.
  • The patient can return home on the same day and resume routine work within 24 hours.
  • The cosmetologist may prescribe pain killers for discomfort and pain relief.

Post-procedure care and precautions –

For the 1st week after the procedure –

  • Gentle application of moisturizer on the treated area
  • Gentle cleansing of the treated area
  • Avoid rolling directly on the face while sleeping
  • Sleep with the head propped up slightly

These sutures are very minute and almost invisible. It is a no-risk procedure with hardly any risk of bruise or scars. The sutures are removed if the patient complains of irritation or develops an infection.

The cosmetologist suggests thread lifts procedure to mild and moderate signs of loose and sagging skin who belong to the age group of 35 - to 55 years.


Allergan for facial expression lines

The cosmetologist will suggest a Allergan treatment to tackle facial wrinkles. These facial wrinkles appear on the forehead, in the cheek area, lips and around the eyes. The wrinkles on the face are the first sign of ageing.

The cosmetologist will suggest this procedure if the patient suffers from

  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes

Procedure –

  • The cosmetologist will numb the target area with an cream
  • The cosmetologist injects injection in that area

Post-procedure –

  • It is advisable to sit for at least 4 – 5 hours after the injection
  • No lying on the bed to take rest
  • Avoid applying pressure in the treated area
  • No exercise for the next 24 hours

The patient may develop a headache, redness in the eye, tearing and irritation coupled with redness or bruising in the treated area. It is mainly due to earlier consumption of blood-thinning such as aspirin. Hence, the cosmetologist will suggest the patient to stop taking them a couple of days before the procedure.